The Choat Lab

Plant Hydraulics and Water Relations


Brendan ChoatBrendan Choat is an Associate Professor and Future Fellow (2014-2018) at WSU. His research centres on the physiological ecology of plants with a primary focus on plant hydraulics, water relations and functional anatomy. He is an editor for the PrometheusWiki Project and on the editorial board for the Journal of Plant Hydraulics.

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Leah KoloadinLeah Koloadin is a PhD Candidate. Her research topic is on the intra-specific plastic adaptation of hydraulically-linked feature within the xylem of Callitris glaucophylla. Leah has extensive experience in microscopy with a focus on Scanning Electron Microscopy techniques.




Alice Gauthey is a PhD candidate. She is working with non-invasive imaging techniques to examine hydraulic function in a range of plant species.




Lab Alumni

Rosana Lopez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
Jen Peters (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Ximeng Li (Minzu University)


I collaborate closely with a number of WSU staff including Matthias Boer, Belinda Medlyn, Mark Tjoelker, Sebastian Pfautsch, Paul Rymer, David Ellsworth and David Tissue.

External collaborators
Steven Jansen (Ulm University)
Tim Brodribb (University of Tasmania)
Sylvain Delzon (INRA)
Hervé Cochard (INRA)
Andrew McElrone (University of California, Davis)
Craig Brodersen (Yale University)
Lawren Sack (University of California, LA)
Maurizio Mencuccini (CREAF)
Lucas Cernusak (James Cook University)
Stefan Mayr (University Innsbruck)
Kathy Steppe (Ghent University)
Greg Gambetta (INRA)
Jordi Martinez-Vilalta (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Bernhard Schuldt (University of Goettingen)
Jarmila Pittermann (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Joe Holtum (James Cook University)
Sandra Bucci (National University of Patagonia, San Juan Bosco)
Fabian Scholz (National University of Patagonia, San Juan Bosco)
Frederic Lens (Leiden University)
Hafiz Maherali (University of Guelph)
Patrick Mitchell (CSIRO)
Andrea Nardini (University of Trieste)
John Sperry (University of Utah)
Mark Westoby (Macquarie University)
Ian Wright (Macquarie University)
Amy Zanne (George Washington University)
Marilyn Ball (Australian National University)
Owen Atkin (Australian National University)
Pieter Poot (University of Western Australia)
Kevin Simonin (San Francisco State University)
Dan Johnson (University of Idaho)