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Plant Hydraulics and Water Relations

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Paper: Leaf and stem hydraulics are finely coordinated in tropical rainforest trees

Water is one of the most limiting factors for terrestrial plant life. In dry conditions, hydraulic coordination of stems and leaves enables plants to maintain a safe water status and avoid hydraulic failure in the xylem. While such relationships have been shown for some tree species previously, little is known about hydraulic coordination in rainforest species which do not typically experience drought and represent a hydraulically understudied group of plants.

View across the daintree rainforest (photo: MN)

View across the daintree rainforest (photo: MN)

In our recent publication “Stem and leaf hydraulic properties are finely coordinated in three tropical rain forest tree species”, we studied plant hydraulics at the Daintree Rainforest Observatory in Far North Queensland and compared a number of hydraulic traits (including hydraulic vulnerability of stems and leaves, pressure-volume relations and in situ water potentials) in three tropical rain forest species. Continue reading